Facial Massage and Thai Bodywork in Barcelona

Facial Rejuvenation Massage

Relax & Rejuvenate

This massage technique is an gentle and non-invasive approach to looking younger. Tension often builds up without us realising. 
This is a great way to relieve stress and unwind.

 Performed without any creams, oils or chemicals.

Thai Bodywork

Massage to Help Relieve Pain & Stress

Designed to find and release muscular trigger points and energy blockages, you can customise your treatment to focus on the areas you  need. 

Combining Traditional Thai Accupressure , Reflexology, Indian head massage and western holistic massage. using a massage table, floormat and chair as nessasary. 


Facial massage is very relaxing and provides a natural face-lifting effect. It is also a great way to destress. 


Accupressure on trigger pionts combined with stretching. Can help relieve pain and tightness in muscle tissue. 

Neck & Shoulders

Work and stress make sore necks a common occurance. Can be combined with Indian head massage. 


High heels, hiking and just everdaylife mean our feet carry a lot. Treat them to Thai Reflexology to help take the load off. 

Invest in yourself

Home Exercises

While doing a course of face massages, you will learn techniques and exercises you can do yourself to help you gain the most from the treatments. And alllow you to help yourself and take charge of your own wellbeing.

About me

I began massaging in childhood, starting by giving pre-natal massages to my mother. After univercity I lived for several years in Asia where I studied Traditional Thai Medical Massage at Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok. 
Since moving back to Europe I have continued to train in the UK, studing Facial Rejuvenation massage and have been practicing in Zurich since 2013.. 

Massage Therapist


Depending on my schedule I work flexible hours, please get in touch to check availabiliy, or book an appointment. 

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